There is a better way to run offline so this is no longer maintained!

See how to run as an app.

Running Snap! and AI blocks locally

Running everything on http:localhost

Snap! and the AI blocks developed as part of the eCraft2Learn Project can be run locally so that the majority of the functionality will work without an Internet connection. After cloning or downloading all the needed files one can simply open the htdocs/ai/index.html file but most browsers will not permit access to the microphone, camera, and some other services. The solution is to run a local web server. When a local web server is running then localhost:8000/ai/ will launch the AI home page providing access to libraries, guides, and sample projects.

We provide a tiny server for Windows machines. Simply launch miniweb.exe after booting up the computer. MacOs has a builtin web server. There are also Chrome extensions for running a local web server on ChromeBooks.

What parts rely upon an Internet connection

If you are running this without an Internet connection the following blocks will not function: speech recognition, speech synthesis, and image recognition that uses cloud services from Google, IBM, and Microsoft. Very limited speech recognition is available via the Audio label confidences and somewhat limited speech recognition is available via Analyze costume and labels for costume.


Please report any problems to Ken Kahn (