Digital Fabrication and Maker Movement in Education
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Let yourself inspire and discover amazing instructables via the association driven Inspiratorium
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Trello helps you plan and work together
3D Design
TinkerCad is a 3D modelling application
Circuit Design
TinkerCad includes a circuit design and simulation application
Beetle Blocks
Design a 3D model through programming
3D modelling and slicing
3D modelling and slicing
3D Slash to make models
Cura to print 3D models
Snap! might have been called Scratch Senior
A version of Snap! for controlling Arduinos. Click the ? for help if this is the first time.
Ardublock blocks-based language for programming Arduinos.
Scratch for Raspberry Pi.
Scratch for Arduino.
MIT App Inventor
Pocket Code
Arduino IDE
Share you 3D models here
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